Norwegian Barndoors/Norske låvedører


"Norwegain Barndoors/Norske låvedører" is a series of wool textiles digitally printed with my pattern.

The print is all about colorcombinations, patterns and how colors act in action.


5 Crossing Borders, exhibition at Livrustkammaren at the Royal Palace in Stockholm Sweden


5 crafters- 5 colors and 5 fabrics was an collaboration bethween 5 norwegian crafters to each make 5 outfits with 5 fabrics usin 5 colors from the scandinavian flags. Wool, linen form norwegian suppliers were used and exhibited in the `Livrustkammaren`between carriages and wagons.

2005 marks the 100 years celebration of the  dissolutions ot the union.


The exhibition als travelled to Oslo, DOGA.

Zipper objects


Zippers- zippeers- zippers as a brand statement that has become part of my identity during my career.

From exhibitioans at Tjøme, Milano and Oslo