På grunn (av)


The ground, like the foundation of an urban landscape, is an essential element of my work. For me, the ground is all below us - what we had, what we have, and the potential of future development. I have witnessed an earthquake, a war, a long migration process, and death. What does it mean to be a human being when the ground shakes and disappears? I express these events through concrete and metal - thus creating objects based on physical experiences, and distinct phenomena in my life. Using sandblasting, I emphasize the contrasting values​​of darkness and light, while emphasizing shape and depth in the process. I create a mixture of organic formations and man-made infrastructures.


Each piece is, for me, an individual slice of a terrain suspended in space. The unknown story of a unique, rusty picture of uneven earth crust. Suddenly, parts of the horizon divide and new forms arise.

The silver chain is located inside the concrete like an armature which holds the concrete. Even invisible fragment of my vanishing memory, it is significant because this "armature" keeps the most important memories alive.

On The Road, brooch

concrete, steel, stones

The Mirror Of The Past, brooch

Silver, concrete