I tied them together to form a necklace, sandwiched between two acrylic plates, and hung them from above.

Alt om oss


Man kan ikke dele sin drøm med en, der sover ved siden af, men alligevel prøver jeg

(You can not share you dream with a person who sleeps next to you, but I try it anyway)



I explored the value of ephemeral time and memory in everyday aesthetics and featured this onto the installation. The pieces of necklace are dissolvable and represent the relationship between rationality, sensibility and uncertainty. They convey the idea of reduction and sensuousness. Contrary to expectation, the condition of leaving Norway made an unintended impression of temporality and immateriality.


material: mix media (video, water, bathtub, gold thread, bathbomb and essay)



Foto: Istvan Virag

Fake it!



material: mixed media

Hjem, det er der hjertet vårt er


order of merit, dedicate to all citizen in Norway