A moment of Balance


Everything is constantly moving and flowing, overlapping and overflowing, washing and dispersing, concentrating and diluting. I freeze these moments into tangible objects and installations. I am able to immerse myself in the captured moment and distil the essence of it into form, colour, and motion. Storms, lightning, water, rain, waves become the rhythms and patterns that run through my body of work and flow into the glass through heat and process. Through its transparency, translucency, plasticity, and ephemerality glass becomes the means of transmitting the memory of these phenomena that are otherwise fluid and immaterial.
The Norwegian landscape, its large lakes, the stark unmoving cliffs that mold the fjords, and the rainy days that wash over Bergen making walks on the coast a palette of blues and greys inspire the colours and patterns in my work.

cast glass, laser cut black MDF
60x60x10 cm

cast glass, laser cut black MDF
60x60x10 cm

enamel colors on flat glass, laser engraved, neodymium magnets, motion sensor controlled by Arduino
300x45x20 cm

fused glass frit, enamel colors


enamel colors on flat glass, laser engraved

fused glass frit, enamel colors, flameworked glass
55x40x15 cm





In my work Invisible, I try to capture the principle of water that flows under and
changes. Sometimes we see it and sometimes not. Sometimes it is austere,
sometimes it bounces. As in nature where everything changes, I take advantage of
the optical properties of glass that change perception as viewer moves a little. At the
same time, I use the contrast between clear optical glass and the structure of the
fused frit.

optical glass, glass frit, technique pate de verre, 35x40x30 cm



Everything moves, everything flows. I am fascinated by stopping this process. The thrill from next moment forces me to focus on the presence. Nature is an element that is always an inspiration to me. Storm, lightning, rain, wave... Glass is similar to this. Through its transparency, formability and optical properties and at the same time significantly different – its physical state, final form and its processing. Fluidity of color is an experiment for me. I control it while letting it lead me. The storm, the lightning, the rain, the wave I always keep in mind.



In my bachelor project I was working with combination of glass and metal. My
inspiration came from my stay abroad, I was enchanted by Norway, mostly by its wild
and unbridled nature. Rauland is a small town with a population of 1700 inhabitants.
Telemark University College is situated near the lake Totak. It isthe 10th deepest and
20th largest lake in Norway and it caught most of my attention. Its size and strength
make a very strong impression, when you stand on the shore watching regular waves
that break on the rocks or the mountains reflecting on a calm surface. Even the nature
itself can surprise you, when it floods the coast after rain and you can´t go where you
planned to. During my walks around the lake, I realized how the real feeling differs
from photographs and my expectations. This movement of reality I wanted to catch in
my project. Light breeze or strong wind is an important element, stirring surface of
water in lake and also my kinet. The result of my bachelor project is an object
consisting of glass pyramid, reminding the stability and strength. Pyramid is limited
by space of hammered copper circle, symbolizing the water. Just a light touch or blow
and copper element starts to move, but only as far as the solid glass shape allows.
With my work I wanted to capture my feeling of water that never truly stops.

casted and polished glass, copper circle, 35x35x40 cm

casted and polished glass, copper circle, 32x32x38 cm