In the project - “Metanoia” , - Gorohova turns to the subject of migration, to notions of otherness and foreignness, and the obstacles to being fully understood in an adopted place. Based on her own experience as an immigrant, Gorohova illustrates the complex process of adaptating to a new environment and changing habits, while revealing the challenges that an unfamiliar society imposes on an individual. Metanoia is an Ancient Greek word (μετάνοια) meaning "changing one's mind", in psychology it is the process of experiencing a psychotic "breakdown" and subsequent positive psychological re-building or "healing".



Installation "Immersion" is a reflection on the theme of the triumph of femininity - motherhood.
Immersion in neutral outer space, interplanetary zone, waiting room. Euphoria and self-oblivion.



Fight for white


Sometimes my work ends up having slightly political connotations. As for example the project –performance "Fight forWhite" where I literally struggle with the power embodied in the image of brutal men, made of clay and standing on high pedestals.I am originally from Belarus. Belarus means White Russia, the country that is notorious for its policy of dictatorships. White in my work symbolizes personal liberation, but this is also a metaphorical struggle with material and form.