Sticks and Stones


It’s not uncommon here in Norway to see beautiful old “laftet” barns and buildings resting on stones to level up the ground they were built on.
This piece plays around with that idea, accentuated by contrasts in form, materials and finishes.
Made in highly figured French walnut with a French polish finish and olive ash with an oil finish.

Sticks and Stones 2020



Skulpturell konsollbord laget i alm fra Nygårdsparken, Bergen og kiresebær fra Vindafjord 

Autumn console table

Leg detail, Autumn

Kors til Bønnehus i IMI Kirken


Made from waste pieces of figured Walnut from the veneer making industry. These chunks of wood were cracked, rotten, and full of beauty, telling a thousand stories of their own.
One face is left raw, the sides are textured by hand and chisel, and the last face is hand planed and polished to a Sheen.

Alm Skjenk


This credenza consists of two intersecting carcasses made from solid european sycamore with veneered pippy elm doors and drawer fronts.
All 128 dovetails on the carcass and drawers were completely hand cut.