When the air surprises me with a gentle breeze, is it easy to feel presence. Nature has always inspired artists, me as well. The different powers are present every day. We just have to notice what’s going on. Humans has for too long time challenged nature and, in my culture, exploited the opportunities. I’ve asked myself how we can improve.

What dimensions are valid, - important in a life? Are we able to reach the point of securing a healthy world? I’m through imagination and intuition creating expressions where I have been tactile listening to shapes, materials, and techniques with my hands? In the dialog of searching and exploring processes the object appeared. The visual language opens possibilities in the techniques I have worked with for decades, the thin rolled stainless steel. In “Winding Wind” showed me the capability of giving form I couldn’t predict. This both challenged and fascinated me. The woven/plated and welded steel became a: Toy to the Wind.

Art is the sphere where I can express myself, and I agree with Fredrich Schiller. There is principals in form, geometry, - there are a presence of physical materials in our world, and in between we can establish a playground. He writes about this in his book: “Letters Upon the Aesthetic Education of Man” 1795.

To contribute to the tradition concerning beauty and communicate in a visual language independent from time and nationalities is my goal. I believe that a sensuous visual language is even more important to practice now in our digital world. I want people to see something they have not experienced before, and I want them to feel happiness.


Prosjektet handler om å føre flere plan sammen for å fange lys og bevegelser i lys og luft - vind. Det å skape en opplevelse av noe som er selvfølgelig for så gjennom disse formene kunne å dvele ved lysets skiftninger i et transparent uttrykk i bevegelse.