"Re Constructions"


This work is made of plexiglass boxes with inside objects, fragments and random improvisations;

Size- 240x32x32cm, Base-10x60x60cm

Dialogues between memory, material, and process.


"Dialogues between Memory, Material and Process" was a solo exhibition at Galleri Ask (Horten). 

Materials used: Concrete, steel, granite stone, wood, local sand and stones, paint.

A Place for Unfinished Memories


“A Place for Unfinished Memories” is a sculpture/installation of twelve columns that can “puzzle” together to create different structures. Each of these twelve columns is built up from four movable parts.

It comprises cast concrete, reinforcing steel, found objects, and used materials.

It is a project that was planned to be able to change and adapt to future displays, places, and challenges.

The base concept around this work comes from architectonic places, like unfinished buildings, houses, and ruins, that somehow impacted Joel’s life and became a way to heal wounds from the past. Now, it will be part of a project, a constant process of transformation and adaptation to present and future challenges.

It's Closer Than It Looks


Title- "It's Closer Than It Looks"

Recycled granite stones, steel, found objects (construction materials)





“Frageis recreios/ Skjør lekeplass”


Title- “Frageis recreios/ Skjør lekeplass”


Materials- Concrete, Steel, Wood, Found objects

Size- variable dimensions- The tallest with 200cm/base 80cmØ

Group exhibition/ Nitja, Senter for Samtidskunst (Lillestrøm)


Ruins often inspire Correia's works, but we find a more personal and contemporary reference in this work with childhood memories from the family's wooden workshop in Portugal that find parallels in Lillestrøm's history of wood processing, which is reflected in how the sculptures in the exhibition are constructed.

"Monuments for the Sun"


Sculpture/Installation- Materials- Concrete, Steel, Local souvenirs from Lagos, Portugal- Size- Variable- Group exhibition- Trafo Kunsthall 

Title- "Monument (s) for the Sun" 

Concrete, mortar, steel and souvenirs.


“Monuments for the Sun” Is a group of four sculptures; each comprises four or five modules that can be assembled and disassembled.

They are made of casted concrete with steel reinforcement. Embedded in the concrete exterior sides of the different modules, there are fragments and objects of souvenirs that are possible to find at the tourist stores in his hometown, Lagos, in Portugal.

The sculpture’s materials and form are inspired by an abandoned building also from Lagos. This building was to be a tourist Hotel, but it was abandoned in 1974 before completion, becoming a ruin that almost blended as a natural element from the landscape. It was demolished in 2022.