When the sun doesn't rise / Lueurs


When the sun doesn’t rise, also called Lueurs is a collection of pieces where color is the key element. The design being incidental, I apply the patterns to various objects – glasses, vases or sculptures.
In the continuity of the series of drawings Meditations, the dark colors saturate the light, evoking stormy skies.



I draw my inspiration partly from what escapes us, even from what is beyond us. Like the storm, emotionality can be uncontrollable and fiery. I use drawing as an outlet to lighten the excess energy.
The repetition of the gesture plunges me into daydreams, and it is then that the motif appears by itself.

Le Solitaire


This stemmed glass was designed as part of the Eaux de vies project, exhibited at MusVerre in Sars Poterie, France. It comes in two other versions.



This series was made around a reproducible shape blown in a mould. The final pattern of each piece was then produced using various techniques. The shape comes from photographic work by Bernt and Hilla Bescher.
Architecture has often inspired my work as a repertoire of logical and organized shapes.

What escapes


By moving away from learned gestures, I leave room for the invisible forces that govern glass: heat and gravity. Glassblowing is like a dance between the technician and the material, where each offers its possibilities and its limits. 
The glass freezes the gesture while the photograph fixes the moment of this performance.

Since we throw bridges over dead rivers, we must throw bridges over living rivers


As part of a research project on the Haussmannian architectural transformations of Paris, I collected drawings of abandoned projects. Among these lost ideas, my attention stopped on footbridges which were to span the streets. I extracted from these drawings the shapes that inspired me to create a series of sculptures.

Les Prismatiques


These bottles are an ode to time and geometry that patiently and rigorously arrange natural crystals.