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Porcelain, Bone China, Parian, Red Earthenware.



Marbled Porcelain, 25cm.

Vessel series. Marbled porcelain. 23cm. 2019

A suit for shy days


For full video see: https://vimeo.com/209065738

Aspirations, hopes and the impossible, these states of being which we aspire to but can never quite reach... like fitting in at parties, being thinner, being calmer, more well adjusted. These goals whilst being somewhat universal for many, are driven by a cathartic and autobiographical process Thornton uses in her works. Using often clumsy yet tender repetitive craft making processes, Thornton has begun to invent devices to solve these problems so many of us face. These inventions are absurd failures; there would be no way that they could work, and they are simultaneously humorous and melancholy.

The Suit for Shy days was the first machine to go from drawing on paper to a real life invention.

It is an invisibility suit.

Imagine you are at a really awkward party, its so so uncomfortable. You don't belong. You just want to meld in with the sofa, wall or hide in the shower.

Imagine it is one of those days where the thought of engaging with anyone is exhausting in itself, but you have no food and must go out your door to the supermarket.

Imagine you have one of those days where despite all your best efforts your appearance horrifies you, you can not believe how fat/grotesque you are.

You are so lonely and want to engage with the world, but cannot.

Then The Suit for Shy Days is for you.

That's the pitch.

But what really happens is the Suit For Shy Days turns you into a walking disco ball. Not only do you become luminous, glittering and shiny, your body transfers from itself into and onto your surroundings. Light travels from you, the world is changed by your presence. You transcend yourself. The suit for shy days is both a costume and a video work which reflects the artist's personal engagement with and within it during her experience of living in Risør for the Risør stipendiat period 2015-2016.

Video still

I thought laughter would flow like water


Site reactive and audience interactive instillation. Mixed matter including, porcelain, bone china, earthenware, wood, wool and textiles.

See video here: https://vimeo.com/157904358

Beyond G(l)aze, Kode 2, Bergen - 2015



Stillness, a memory

Reaching for a temporary stillness

I have never been concave, but I have been hollow.