ARKIVET / VERDILØS ARKIVET er en kunstnergruppe bestående av Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Elsie-Ann Hochlin, Camilla Luihn og Ella Heidi Sand. Som smykkekunstnere har de hvert sitt kunstneriske særpreg. Felles for gruppen er at de gjerne jobber temabasert og har en konseptuel tilnærming til faget. Siden gruppen ble dannet i 2014 har de stilt ut en rekke steder i Norge og internasjonalt. Med prosjektet Verdiløs ønsker gruppen å belyse hvordan verdi oppfattes i dagens samfunn. Hva gjør noe verdifullt? Hva er verdiløst? ARKIVET fremmer et visuelt og mentalt assosiasjonsrom for en diskurs om hvilke sosiale og økonomiske mekanismer som styrer hva som anses som verdifullt. ARKIVET fremhever det kommunikative med smykker og velger å fortelle noe om menneskeverd, politiske aspekter, selvfølelse og miljø.

Tincal lab Challenge 2017

EN With the main objective to show the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, Tincal lab invited jewelers from around the world for a challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces inspired by the theme “Jewelry and Music”. The opening of this amazing collective exhibition will be at Tincal lab on 11th of November and it can be visited until the end of 2017. INFO: PARTICIPANTS: Ana Dias | Ana Pina | Angela Malhües | BYCB.Jewelry | Camilla Luihn | chokolom | Cristina Celis | Diana Dóris | Dina Abargil | Elizabeth Shaw | Fernanda Barba | Francine Schloeth | Garradas Jewellery | Giulia Savino | Jessica Andersen | Julie Bégin Jewellery | Kairi Sirendi | KIWI on the road | Letizia Maggio | Lieta Marziali | Lija Álvarez | Mai Solorzano | Mária Kobelová | Maria Koutmani | Marta Costa Reis | Melis Agabigum | Mercedes Castro Corbat | Nik Hanton | NOT by Vera Pinto | Olga Marques | Rodete Studio | Sara Shahak | Sofie Boons | Sophie Symes | Superlora Studio by Ariadne Kapelioti | Telma Aguiar Jewelry | Teresa Dantas | Virginia Jakim | WEK


Gruppeutstilling kuratert av Melissa Cameron i forbindelse med The Enamelist Society Conference 2017 på Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Tennessee, USA. Utstillingen vandrer i 2018 videre til Fancy jewellery gallery, Seattle, og til The 2018 SNAG conference i Portland.

Norwegian Enamel Repossessed

NORWEGIAN ENAMEL REPOSSESSED consists of a serie of brooches - all handmade and finished by Luihn her self.
 The series contains 25 individual pieces. Materials are hand sawn reclaimed copper with vitreous enamel and drawings, set in oxidized silver and with steel brooch pins. All the brooches differs in either color or drawing. Colors are in a subtle color palette; nude grey, petal pink, pastel grey, lichen green and twilight blue.

Is this my place? ARKIVET, Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Austellungsraum Sommer-Solheim München, Hå gamle Prestegård

ARKIVETs exhibition project is titled Is this my place? The theme is “Traces”. We all seek belonging. With references from our own lives - places we've been to, or shadows of events - we create atmospheres of where we want to be, or try to escape from. The topic is articulated in jewelry, each member contributing with their own individual approaches, tastes and interpretations. An overall intention is to develop an atmosphere in the given exhibition spaces in a manner that provide the viewer associations to their own affections. A sound loop made by Tor Jørgensen follows the exhibition. ARKIVET is launching a catalogue that is based on visual images from their first exhibition presentation. Texts that reinforce our concept are written by the philosopher Mikkel B. Tin, and by the filmmaker and author Dag Johan Haugerud. The exhibition and catalogue is sponsored by funds from The Norwegian Association for Arts and Craft, The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin and The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Munich. More info:

The Cloud, the Wave and the Koi Remix, RAM galleri

It all begins with the line. Camilla Luihn’s work transcends artistic genres and disciplines, but the drawings are always the center of attraction. As Manuel Vilhena expressed it in his text for The Cloud, the Wave and the Koi Remix, a drawing is "the physical expression of an idea"; this description is well suited to Luihn’s project. The drawings are inspired by and refer to traditional Japanese tattoo art and specific artistic genres from the 1900s. The transformation from drawings to jewellery however does not necessarily remind us of two-dimensional body art until the art moves with the body, across the skin. In this way the drawing literally grows in volume. The hierarchical structures in which jewellery art can exist; its meaningfulness and her choice of materials are courageous. She works with very different elements, with humoristic balance and balanced humour. The exhibition also includes an artist book in a numbered series of 200 copies.