The Dahlias were my mothers pride and joy.
Now I have inherited them - the responsibility and the pleasure. They cannot take any frost, so they must be planted out in spring and moved back inside in the autumn - an annual ritual. The slightest touch of frost will suffice to wither the plant. But life is preserved in the tuber, and next year we start all over again.

Tradition and the knowledge of nature is passed on through taking care of the Dahlias.

Foto: Kjell Chr. Gripstad



I am fascinated by insects - by their shape, their colour and in particular by the way they build their
nests. Like the wasp’s nest which is a complex and beautiful construction of “homemade” paper. 
In my jewellery I use some of the same principles; starting with one cell which multiplies into a larger
construction in which light is caught, amplified, and shifted by movement.