De siste årene har jeg arbeidet med en kolleksjon smykker og objekter inspirert av barndomsminner, blomster, flora og fauna. Disse arbeidene har også beveget seg over i det mer kroppslige, og mange av arbeidene inkorporerer nå også kvinnelige organer og kroppsdeler. Blomster har lenge blitt brukt som en metafor for det kvinnelige, for det kjønnslige og for reproduksjon – mens dyret blir sett på som det mannlige, sterke og uforutsigbare.



Childhood Memories - an ongoing project of making jewellery inspired by the flowers, fauna and flora I remember from my childhood.



Three artists living in three different countries, working in three different materials sharing a love for colour, humour and storytelling want to address counterfeit, copying and reproductions. Having developed a joyful friendship while exhibiting together around the world, they love each other’s work a lot and have swapped pieces every time they meet. The three artists have a very distinctive styles but they will use this project to get out of their comfort zone and will create new pieces that pay tribute to each other’s body of work. One of the biggest challenges they want to undertake is to work with the materials they are most familiar with and try to mimic the other's work.

By making copies, interpretations and tributes on each other’s work they will use this project and the journey that goes with it to challenge what makes each of their works unique, individual and different, yet similar to each other.

The culprits are: Anna Talbot (NO), Nikki Coupee (US), Isabelle Busnel (FR/UK)

The Birds & The Bees


Separatutstilling på Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo åpner den 16.februar 2017 og viser nye arbeider i serien 'The Birds & The Bees'

Into The Woods


Separatutstilling på KRAFT Bergen
Alle bilder: Laila Meyrick

Utsmykning Brøttum Skole


From the Coolest Corner


From the Coolest Corner – Nordic Jewellery will present a wide range of jewellery art created in the Nordic countries. Jewellery will be presented in three different ways; a touring exhibition, a comprehensive catalogue and an international symposium, all shedding new light on the importance of jewellery art. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will be the main collaborators in this project.