Berlage is turning in his grave

This project is based on the Manifesto Taste Deception, unveiled by H P Berlage in 1910 at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), containing rules about construction, material and ornament. During the event Berlage showcased a series of good and bad examples based on its rules.- The purpose was to educate the proletariat class and guide them to good taste. “Berlage is turning on his grave” its an update on Taste Deception, stating a set of non-discriminatory rules, non-rules followed by exemples.

installation view

Untitled (on Desenrasca)

As an outcome of a photographic research initiated during an artist in residency in Lisbon (2016), I published “Jornal Do Desenrasca”, 2017- An archive that portray mostly quick-fixes, temporary living conditions, reused objects, replacement of items functionalities, management of objects and living areas. From this directory of imagery, I combined a list of “actions” descriptive of this frame of mind. These installations portray those eventualities and their alternative implementations.

installation view


Raising out of an identity crisis, my own mantra has revealed itself . After losing myself on emotional crusades, ideological battles, economic hostilities, cultural clashes and a conflict of values I have decided that it was time for an inner revolution. I wanted to think of myself as a country, community or institution and consequently define myself as such: politically, philosophically, heartily, spiritually, ethically, economically and so on. I wanted to bring it all on a banner of arms/flag as a symbol of the essence that I believe is rooted on me but also, my life aspirations-what I am not but I believe I can become. I was confident that if I could hold this banner 2 minutes a day and look at the symbols that I viciously depict for the past 3 months I would become that, in other words, this banner would become my mantra. I would know what I am and what I stand for and I would be able to filter intrusive invasions. I realize during the short period of 3 months that, I, as an individual as much as a country, I fluctuate, ideologically, philosophically, heartily and certainly economically. I see this attempt as an opportunity to redefine myself one more time... (...)

An ambitious project collapsing AKA "The 5th wheel" / Chapter I 2019

An ambitious project collapsing AKA The 5th wheel is an ongoing project that first began in the village where I was raised and its now ready to be taken to unknown territories. This project contemplates an holistic approach to Art (and Life) focusing for the most part in research of the following segments: 1.The architecture of Crisis 2. Holy crafts -empowering through​ “doing” 3. Spiritual Anarchism Ultimately, the goal is to develop tools/models that can strengthen the individual character, in contrast with mass movements based on groups defined by class, race or nation states. It's materialization will stand naturally from an artistic perspective and may take a variety of forms, such as: a mantra, a totem, a cult, a shelter, a manifesto, a ceremony, among others.

Sketches for embroidered clothing patches.