Semi Set Vertical Blue

Semi Set Vertical Blue is a six meter long tapestry inspired by the infinite capacity of the internet. Like building a website, weaving a tapestry allows the designer freedom to continue an image or idea beyond the limits of a page. ​ Generic photographs of items like coils, chicken eggs, and golden rings were sourced online, then simplified and arranged like clip-art, stamped across the surface, and layered amongst original drawings. After compiling these new icons into a single design, I worked with an industrial textile factory in western Norway to weave the final work on a digital Jacquard loom. Through this process, I was able to created a visible connection between machine-made and hand-made histories.

Semi Set Vertical Blue, jacquard tapestry (digital weave) in cotton and wool blend, installed on ​a plywood platform with nylon rope, clamps, plastic rod. 6m x 2m x 1mm. 2017